ORA-00904: "A0"."NUMOFDOCUMENTS": invalid identifier
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ORA-00904: "A0"."NUMOFDOCUMENTS": invalid identifier


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Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Enforce Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Suite Data Loss Prevention Core Package


After upgrading DLP you see a RedBanner with the following message...

Error : "An unexpected error has occurred. This could be due to one of the following: 1) Your session timed out and you selected a link that was no longer valid, 2) You used the browser back or forward button placing the system into an inconsistent state, or 3) The system experienced a temporary problem"

This error is generally seen when visiting the "Manage > Data Profiles > Exact Data" page in the Enforce Console.

You can confirm this by checking for the following error message in the "localhost.log" file.
"ORA-00904: "A0"."NUMOFDOCUMENTS": invalid identifier"

Full Error Message:
* SQLException during execution of sql-statement:
* sql statement was 'SELECT A0.viewRowNum,A0.indexedInfoSourceID,A0.infoSourceID,A0.type,A0.informationMonitorID,A0.status,A0.startDate,A0.updatedDate,A0.endDate,A0.version,A0.numOfDocuments FROM LastIndexedStatusByMonitor A0'
* Exception message is [ORA-00904: "A0"."NUMOFDOCUMENTS": invalid identifier
* Vendor error code [904]
* SQL state code [42000]
* The root stack trace is --> 
* java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: "A0"."NUMOFDOCUMENTS": invalid identifier


This issue is caused when an Upgrade is performed on Enforce with a database that does not have SecureFile enabled.



Enable SecureFile on the database, then run the Migration again.