TDM Portal - Users cannot set password after account is created.
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TDM Portal - Users cannot set password after account is created.


Article ID: 192019


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When a new account is created the link in the email that is sent to the user has a non-FullyQualifiedDomainName in the link.  That is causing the link to fail due to firewall rules.

If the user forgets their password the link in the email for resetting that password does use the FQDN and thus works for the users.

Could you please tell me where the setting is to change the hostname that is sent out for the create user email?  I thought we'd updated it but looks like only the ForgotPassword link was updated the create user link still doesn't have the fully qualified domain name.


Release : 4.8

Component : CA Test Data Manager


The configuration parameters to be set in for setting the desired value for webserver address.

The second parameter "tdmweb.use.webserver.address" needs to be set to "true" to make the application override the default and start using the value set for webserver address.

You would need to restart the portal service after updating these parameters.

  • tdmweb.webserver.address=<hostname>:<port>
  • tdmweb.use.webserver.address=true

By default, these parameters are not set.