Reversing negative transactions creates positives
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Reversing negative transactions creates positives


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Clarity PPM SaaS


I mistakingly reversed negative transactions on 'Create WIP Adjustment' page and after running the 'Import Financial Actuals' job, I see that positive Actuals have been posted at Project Assignment level.
How can I correct this situation.


Release : All

Component : CA PPM


Steps to correct the unwanted Actuals from Project Assignment level 

1. Using the Transaction Entry under Financial Management, create a negative transaction(s) for the same quantity and date that needs to be fixed.

   - You can usually find this by querying the ppa_wip table or in some cases you may need to find the exact slice date.

     Ensure that the transaction dates are specific.

    On the transaction use a negative quantity to offset the assignment
    Set Cost=0     Rate = 1

2. Post to WIP 

3. Run the Import Financial Actuals job. 

   - This will fix the assignment but now the cost plan and transactions are incorrect.

4. Check to see the Actuals at Project assignment level have been removed. 

5. Now pause the 'Import Financial Actuals' job. 

6. From Create WIP Adjustment page, Reverse the transactions created in step 1 above. 

7. Approve the Adjustment. 

If you are an On Demand customer, notify CA Support so we can get the Saas DBA team to remove the records in this example  - the two transactions from PAC_IMP_ACTUALS_EXPORT table.

Additional Information

There are times where the actual hours on the assignment do not line up exactly with a transaction cost and it is not easy to know what the transaction(s) should be.

In that case you need to run a query to find the slices for slice_request_id = 2 for the specific assignment.

Then you will need to do negative transactions for each day there is a slice that should be 0.