Increase of the CA-Vtape volumesize failed
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Increase of the CA-Vtape volumesize failed


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Vtape Virtual Tape System


By trying to increase the VolumeSize of our Virtual volumes in CA-Vtape, this failed with following message:

SVT1QQ553E Parmlib error: 240             
If SVTS was started at VRM=0004,TOL=0005           
   VolumeSize cannot be specified.        
<<-- See Line.Col(101.0)                  
Program SVTSPRMS CCUUC60  ~RMID(RO93355)  

What is the procedure on how to perform this?


Release : 12.6

Component : CA VTAPE


The reason of the failure is that the VolumeSize parameter is not coded already into VTPOOLS. 
Here is the procedure to follow.

1) Change the VTPOOLS, for example, as follow: 
      VolserRange = NXXXXX-NYYYYY
2) Restart Vtape without modifying the VTPOOLS value. 
    This will make Vtape to get the VRM set to 0005. 
3) Once done, you can dynamically change the VolumeSize and perform the REFRESH=POOLS to get it activated.