DevTest VS: Using multiple JSON Path filters causes "number of filters exceeded 100" error.


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The Virtual Service that needs to parse multiple elements in an incoming request using multiple JSON Path filters shows the following error message:
Exception executing Step: The number of filters on the step Virtual HTTPS Listener has exceeded 100
The incoming request has 120 elements that need to be parsed.
How can each element be parsed without causing the error.


Release : 10.5, 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


There is a maximum of 100 filters for the Listener step.
Rather than creating a filter for each element, retrieve them in a list of elements.
For example a JSON request like: 

With JSON Path filter:

This results in:

To address each element in a loop with a counter property, use the following JSON Path filter:

For counter=0, this results in 61494724221
Then for counter=1, this results in 61487745312

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