Clarity PPM: Data Type Number Attribute with Validation Range Percent Goes to 0 When Updated


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Implement Clarity on PostgreSQL database.

Steps To Reproduce:
1. Create attribute on project/investment object
with Data Type = Number
with Validation Range % being 0 to 100

2. Configure the attribute on the project subpage.

3. Open a project and update the attribute.

4. Click Save.

Expected Results: Value is saved as entered percentage.
Actual Results: Value goes to 0.


The database saves the value correct, e.g. 0.35 should be interpreted as 35%, however
the application will round it down to the nearest number, which is 0.


This is reported as DE55123 and was determined as not a defect.

Set the attribute to 2 decimal places. Once it is set to 2 decimals, the scale cannot be reverted from 2 to 0, by design.
For example, if 0.35 is set and if reset back to decimal places to 0, 0.00 is the new value.