Metric missing from on-demand reports
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Metric missing from on-demand reports


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I should have "Virtual SSL Configuration Profile as an available metric family in IM On-Demand/Multi-Metric Trend Report but it is missing. The discovered components are inactive and some say "true-null"


CAPM 3.x


The metric family was removed from the assigned monitoring profile


You must edit the monitoring profile and re-add the appropriate metric family and that will cause the metric to go from "Inactive" to "Active".  You may possible need to do an "Update Metric Family" to see the change

Additional Information

In IM On-Demand/Multi-Metric Trend Report the metrics that are seen are based on what the individual items, or groups of items support for metrics. In this example, the metric was supported by the devices, but it was removed from the monitoring profile so all the discovered components were inactive