How to delete CA IDMS Reports from the queue
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How to delete CA IDMS Reports from the queue


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There may be a reason to delete reports from a system. Using the right approach to do so is important.


Release : 18.5 and all supported releases

Component : CA IDMS/DB


Reports are stored in the DDLDCRUN area, in Queues, while waiting to print.  It may appear that issuing a DCMT VARY QUEUE <queue-id> DEL would delete the reports by removing the associated queue records. However, deleting the queue records directly will not clear the control blocks that record reports waiting to print.
IF the records are removed from the print queue, a DCMT DIS QUEUE will show nothing; and QUED will show nothing. However, a DCMT DIS REPORT will show report(s) waiting top print because the DCMT VARY QUEUE...DEL will not clear the report control blocks.  

In a situation where it is required to delete reports that are waiting to print, the only safe way to do so is to issue:

1- DCMT VARY REPORT CLASS <class-number> HOLD followed by 
2- DCMT VARY REPORT CLASS <class-number> DEL
This combination will pause any reports in the process of printing, then delete them all. It will delete the queue records associated with the reports as well as clear all the control blocks used to track the reports sent to the printer.

Additional Information

Complete syntax for the DCMT VARY REPORT can be found here: