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I created a new report on Jasper (CABI) and would like to publish it on Operator Console. Has anyone performed this procedure?


UIM 9.x or later
CABI 6.4.x or later


You can use the "Custom Reports"  group available for each UMP Account on the Operator console.

Take a look on the screen shots below:

This is an Account contact (user) logged on the Operator Console, on the Reports view there is a Custom Reports available.

In order to view the reports section in operator console, Please deploy "uim_unified_reporter_pack" on to CABI robot.

Once this deployment is done, it might take 10-15 mins for operator console to sync with CABI and show the reports folder. And for adding custom reports, please create folder under "/public/ca/uim/reports/library" folder(in Jasper Server) and assign permissions as mentioned in the link.

Please note that even this folder to appear in Operator console, it might take 15-20 mins.
In addition to creating the folder and the permission, it is necessary to restart the UMP server wasp probe.

For this Option to be displayed, you need to put some reports under the "Users" folder on the respective account tree on the Jasper Repository:

Finally you need to configure the permissions for this folder, so the UMP users can see it: