How to publish a new custom report via the Operator Console (OC) Reports Tab in DX UIM
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How to publish a new custom report via the Operator Console (OC) Reports Tab in DX UIM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


I created a new report on Jasper (CABI) and would like to publish it in the Operator Console. Has anyone performed this procedure?


  • UIM 9.x or later
  • CABI 6.4.x or later


  • Jaspersoft (CABI) Report guidance


You can use the "Custom Reports"  group available for each UMP Account on the Operator console.

Take a look on the screen shots below:

This is an Account Contact (user) logged on the Operator Console. On the Reports view, there is a Custom Reports tile available.

In order to view the reports section in Operator Console, Please deploy the uim_unified_reporter_pack package from the local Primary hub archive to the CABI robot.

Once this deployment is done, it might take 10-15 mins for the Operator console to sync with CABI and show the Reports folder content. And for adding custom reports, please create a folder under the /public/ca/uim/reports/library folder(in JasperServer) and assign permissions as mentioned in the link.

Please note that for even this folder to appear in the Operator console, it might take 15-20 mins.

In addition to creating the folder and the permission, it is necessary to restart the UMP/OC server wasp probe.

For this Option to be displayed, you need to put some reports under the "Users" folder on the respective account tree on the Jasper Repository:

Finally you need to configure the permissions for this folder, so the UMP users can see it:




Additional Information

To activate/refresh a new folder/report in Jaspersoft CABI execute the command:

pu.exe -u administrator -p xxx /_domain/_hub/_robot/wasp reload_webapp "cabi"

Alternatively, you can use the Probe Utility GUI (Ctrl+P) on the wasp probe: