AXA UI shows more historical days than Kibana
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AXA UI shows more historical days than Kibana


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CA Application Experience Analytics SaaS (AXA)


AXA UI shows historical data for 4 months and Kibana only shows 2 for months.

Shows data for only 2 months ago, below is related to January:


Now the same query for February:



If we go to the AXA UI, run a historical query, we can see data since November 2019:

And months afterward:


CA App Experience Analytics SaaS


We cannot calculate the amount of data stored for a specific tenant, we retain the data for 30 days in SaaS.
The oldest record stored at any date should be 30 days from now. There is a batch job that purges the data older than 30 days, this way we can only guarantee data for 30 days.

In some cases you can see more than 30 days due the purges job did not have ran yet.