Graph configured for 1 Hour Resolution displayed in 1 Day Resolution
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Graph configured for 1 Hour Resolution displayed in 1 Day Resolution


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Pulling up an interface utilization graph, it defaults to 1 day resolution. Using the graph edit feature changing the resolution to 1 hour, then applying the settings results in the same 1 day resolution when the graph comes back up. Double checking again, the setting are set for hourly, but again the graph is daily.

Hourly samples 
Over 90 days 

Setting up a report in DX NetOps Performance Management using 5 Minute Resolution reverts to the Views default Resolution when run for more than 90 days. The Role the User is assigned does have the "Run Dashboards At Higher Resolution" Role Right assigned.

Running the same report for 90 days or less works fine.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Current functionality limits the run of Views in 5 Minute Resolution to 90 days or less.


With the role right "Run Dashboards At Higher Resolution" the maximum number of days you can a report with hourly samples is 90 days. The report example shared was for more than 90 days resulting in use of the Views default Resolution.

This is further detailed in the Set the Resolution for Reported Data documentation. That documentation states the following.

Users with the Run Dashboards At Higher Resolution role right use the following maximum time ranges:
    • As Polled Data: Less than, or equal to, 31 days
    • Hourly Resolution: More than 31 days
    • Daily Resolution: More than three months
The view shows that resolution only when the following conditions are true:
  • The user can view report data at that resolution for that time range.
  • The data resolution is within the data retention policy of the data source.
If the data is unavailable or the time range is too great, the system overrides the specified resolution automatically. The system returns the closest permissible resolution for the time range. For trend views, the chart subtitles indicates the data resolution. For tables views, the view subtitle indicates the data resolution.

Additional Information

Any extension of the documented time frames allowed would require submission of an Enhancement Request. Please open a new Support case referencing this article to request an Enhancement Request be submitted.

Recommendation for data requests covering longer time frames than the web UI permits is to run them in the Data Aggregator OpenAPI Odata queries.