Is SystemEDGE Supported on Windows 2019 Server?
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Is SystemEDGE Supported on Windows 2019 Server?


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Is SystemEDGE Supported on Windows Server 2019?


Release : 12.9

Component : VPM GENERAL


  • SystemEDGE is not officially supported to run on Windows Server 2019.
  • SystemEDGE 5.9 will however install and respond to SNMP Requests on Windows Server 2019.
  • Discovering a SystemEDGE host which is running on Windows Server 2019 within VAIM it will be detected as WINNT\Windows 2012 Server.
  • After VAIM discovery Windows Server 2019 is being classified as WINNT and this is enough for the purpose of Windows template application.
  • We can only provide "best-effort" level support for Windows Server 2019, meaning engineering involvement is subject to the discretion of Level 1 support.