CA 1 Tape Management - Multi volume multi file tapes won't go scratch - T112 UPDATE ATTEMPT ON EXPDT REJECTED


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Multi-file, multi-volume FDR/ABR backups won't go to "Scratch" status, even though the EXPDT on the first volume is a date in the past.

Getting ** WARNING VOLSER=vvvvvv was not scratched => VOLSER IS NOT EXPIRED




the EXPDT on the second and third volumes was set to CATALOG and therefore those tapes cannot be scratched, also preventlng the first volume from being scratched 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


Change the EXPDT of the second and third volumes to be at least 5 days in the past and rerun TMSCLEAN.

If a "T112 UPDATE ATTEMPT ON EXPDT REJECTED" is received, then use the TMSUPDTE utility with the NOCHAIN parameter when updating EXPDT for second or subsequent volumes in the chain