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  • When a resource is added to a project under Team tab, in the list view it shows Project Start and End dates by default
  • But when I open the properties page, it show blank value for Start and End Date.
  • Is it by design so users have to enter Start and End dates on the properties page? 


  • This is by design. If the team member's start/finish dates haven't been manually populated, these will show as blank on the team member's properties page.
  • The "Blank" option allows the option for those who want the use'rs start/finish date to automatically update based on changes to the investment start/finish date to ensure the resource is allocated the entire duration of the project.


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  1. Manually populate the start/finish dates from:
    • The Start/Finish dates on the Staff Member Properties page
    • Change the Start/Finish dates on the Team list view, this will populate the dates on the Staff Member page as well
  2. To have dates automatically populate when a team member is added:
  •  Set a default for the Start/Finish fields on the Team object
    • Example with Start date field:
    1. Go to Administration->Objects->Team->Attributes
    2. Click on the Start field
    3. Select the radio button for Rolling Date next to Default Date
    4. Select a time such as "Current Date / Time"
    5. Click Save
    6. Then whenever a resource gets added, they would get added with a start/finish date set 

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