New Project not reflecting in the ARD.
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New Project not reflecting in the ARD.


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


User One  logged in the ARD HUB from ARD
User two  create new project in the ARD HUB UI 
The project is not  reflected in the ARD  until and unless the user one  logout and login in to ARD HUB also 
Verified with Refresh Feature NOT working 


Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


it works as designed. when you login to Hub, you receive a token with a list of projects you can access. If some projects were created after your login, you see them after re-login only.

This is a Pull from the current list of projects, locked in a token, and is not refreshed. This is not a push token when a new project is created. This would require a dynamic token or a redesign of the system.