WCC log retrieval is failing
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WCC log retrieval is failing


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We have a server that (as far as we can tell) is identical to others in our environment, yet we cannot retrieve any log files from it via the WCC.

I have included information attached to this case as well as below.  Can you help with trouble shooting the issue?


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent


It appears that the agent failed in sending a spool file with size of 25 MB to the application server and blocked other messages from being sent to the same application server.


It looks like the messages in queue transmitter_queue_spool_<sid>_app_honame are blocked by a message that the agent kept trying to send. The message contains a file with size of 24747.
Removing transmitter_queue_spool_<sid>_app_<hostname>.odb from the agent database directory and restarting the agent resolved the issue.