Client Automation - Asset job Status : External Utility Executed or Job Performed
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Client Automation - Asset job Status : External Utility Executed or Job Performed


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Sometimes Asset job of type External Utility have status "Job Performed" instead the status "External Utility Executed"

What is the difference ?



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Status "Job Performed" could be reported if execution of External Utility Jon is taking long time and during this time a network problem occurs and amagent could not communicate anymore with its Scalability Server. The execution status of the job is set in local to "JOB_PERFORMED"

Later when amagent is executed again (with network problem resolved), the local status is reported to Scalability Server.

Example :

- An Asset Job of type External Utility is scheduled to be executed once a day

- AM Agent is executed in the morning on a machine. It executes the external Utility which is taking about 20 minutes.
During this time, a network problem occurs.

When External Utility execution is finished, AM Agent could not report the status "External Utility Executed" to Scalability Server.
it puts the status "JOB_PERFORMED" in local file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Agent\units\00000001\uam\SECTOR\STATUS.SJO

- The next execution of amagent of the machine it reports the local status "Job Performed" to the Scalability Server.

Conclusion :
Status "JOB_PERFORMED" indicated that AM job has been executed but a network communication problem with the scalability server has occurred after start of job.