How to change the instance name of WAAE
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How to change the instance name of WAAE


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For administrative reasons, you may need to change the instance name of an AE instance.
This document includes steps on how to do this on Linux/UNIX.


Release : 11.3.6, 12.X

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


- The AE instance cannot be changed on Windows installations and requires a reinstall.
- Make sure you back up any files that you are renaming or editing.
- This is an example on Linux. For UNIX (Solaris, AIX, etc) you may need to adapt these steps to cater for the specific OS and shell.

Steps to change the instance name on Linux:

1) Stop the WAAE Scheduler and Application Server

2) Rename the $AUTOUSER/config.<instance> file using the new instance name.

3) Rename the $AUTOUSER directory using the new instance name : /<waae_install_path>/autouser.<instance>
4) Edit all the $AUTOUSER/autosys.<shell>.<hostname> environment files, replacing the old instance name with the new one in the AUTOUSER and AUTOSERV entries variable setting entries.

5) Edit the /etc/auto.profile file and change any references to the old instance name to the new instance name.

The entry for the instance looks something like this:

        test -f $AUTOUSER/ &&
        . $AUTOUSER/

6) Rename the following startup scripts:

7) Edit the waae_sched.<instance> and waae_server.<instance> files from step 6.
Change any references to the old instance name in these files (AUTOUSER and AUTOSERV entries)

8) Source the $AUTOUSER/autosys.<shell>.<hostname> file.

9) Check if the new instance is correct by performing echo $AUTOSERV 

10) Start the Scheduler and Application Server services