Clarity PPM: Tasks are removed after updating a task in MSP.
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Clarity PPM: Tasks are removed after updating a task in MSP.


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If a project has a task that depends on another project, update the task in Microsoft Project (MSP), and save it back to Clarity, all tasks, except the dependent task, of the project that has the dependent task will be removed in Clarity.   


  1. Create the following Projects and tasks.

    Project A
    Task01 & Task02
    Project B
    Task_s01 & Task_s02
    Task_s01 has dependency to the Project A 
    Both Projects Scheduler is set to "Microsoft Project Bidirectional".

  2. Open the Project A in MSP by selecting "Microsoft Project Read-Write" from 'Open Scheduler' drop down list in Clarity.
    All tasks from the Project A and "Task_s01" from the Project B are displayed in MSP.

  3. Modify Start Date of the "Task_s01" and save it back to Clarity.

  4. Open the Project B > Tasks in PPM.

EXPECTED RESULT: The change of the "Task_s01" is saved and the other tasks of the Project B that are not opened in MSP exist without a change.
ACTUAL RESULT: The other tasks of the Project B will be removed.


Release : 15.6.1



It works by design.

In order to avoid the behavior, we need to specify the project with the dependent task as a sub project to the project that the external dependency is linked to. e.g. Project B has to be a sub project of the Project A.

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