Clicking Port Link in Netflow Dashboard Gets HTTP ERROR 404
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Clicking Port Link in Netflow Dashboard Gets HTTP ERROR 404


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When clicking links in several Netflow dashboards in CAPC, the HTTP ERROR 404 is displayed:


Problem accessing /pc/desktop/%7BDS.ConsoleProtocol%7D://%7BDS.ConsoleHost%7D:%7BDS.ConsolePort%7D/ra/default.aspx. Reason:

    Not Found

Top Enterprise Hosts by Volume
Top Enterprise Protocols by Volume

drillback to NFA not working


Release : 19.3

Component : CA Performance Center


These dashboards are not supported for NFA 10 they are legacy dashboards for users of NFA 9.x still, and suppressed for 10.x users. 

  1. On the Enterprise Overview Dashboard, by default we have only Top Interface In / Out based on Utilization and Volume. Charts for the older "Top Protocols and Hosts" charts are "view suppressed" (only after disabling view suppression they are visible) as they don't navigate to Top Interfaces once you click on them. Users can edit the Dashboard to include "Top Hierarchy Hosts By Volume and Top Hierarchy Protocol By Volume" for visualizing the same information.
  2. Also, they are pre-packaged on the 'Performance -> Infrastructure Health -> Network Interface Performance' Dashboard. e.g.