How to disable all policies with "Debug Trace" enabled
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How to disable all policies with "Debug Trace" enabled


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We have a scenario where almost all policies in API Gateway have the "Debug Trace" flag enabled. Detected more than 400 policies where the customer intends to uncheck this feature.
We've looked at the ssg database and found out that there is a table where this flag seems to be persisted, and we've created a SQL script that could help them mass disable those flags.

update published_service set tracing=0;

The question: can you confirm this SQL instruction?
Is this the only place in the database where this flag is registered?
Analyzing the dependencies in the SSG database tables structure show no impacts, but we'd like to be sure.


Release : 9.2

Component : API GATEWAY


yes, the flag is updated on ssg database published_service table and tracing field.

if using :

use ssg;
update published_service SET tracing=0 where name ='policyName';

it will disable the service tracing on specific service name. (tracing=1 means enabled)

However the best practice is

1. Change the Logging Level back to CONFIG in Tasks --> Manage Log/Audit Sinks --> Choose SSG Log -->
Properties --> Change Severity Threshold from FINEST back to INFO
2. Then go to Tasks --> Global Settings --> Cluster Wide Properties and change log.levels back to com.l7tech.level = CONFIG
3. Edit your service and uncheck the Enable Policy Debug tracing

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