Applications Manager Runclient.jar Client debug
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Applications Manager Runclient.jar Client debug


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Enabling client debug in Applications Manager after the release of 9.3.0 has changed.


Applications Manager Windows client on a Windows PC.


To Enable client debug in 9.3.0 and future releases of Applications Manager edit the file in the downloaded client directory: 

debug: Allows you to turn on client debug by entering debug=true. When client debug is set, debug information is written to the files in the log sub-directory or a different sub-directory is one is specified under logDir.
To turn debug off, comment out debug=true in the file like the following. #debug=true

It is also possible to set client debug from the About Applications Manager window once you are logged into the client. However, it is advantageous to set it here, so that debug is on for the client start-up.

logDir: Allows you to override the name of the sub-directory where client log files are written.
The client log sub-directory includes the following files: 
client.log: Includes all client standard and debug logging up until you click OK on the Logon window.
<master or connection name>_client.log: Includes all client standard and debug logging for your client session.