Data Does Not Display Metrics For Device Components


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This knowledge article will cover two possible scenarios for no polled data collected.

Scenario 1:
The device shows device components but the status for those components are set to inactive and not polled.  Previously it was working and the status was active and it was polled every 5 minutes.  This will explain why there is no data to display when viewing the dashboard for the device.  

Scenario 2:
Discovered a new device but do not see all the data regarding the device.


In both scenarios the issue is related to collections.


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For Scenario 1:
To resolve this issue, add the device(s) back into a collection that was associated with the component's metric family.  Or alternatively, you can put them in a new collection and apply the network interfaces (for example) monitoring profile.  You will then see the SNMP Poll Rate change back to whatever the poll rate is for the device (default is 5 minutes).  Then click on Update Metric Families.  Also the status will change to active.

For Scenario 2:
A new device was discovered device and some metrics are polled/collected.  If this applies to you simply put the device into a new collection and apply the network interfaces (for example) monitoring profile.  Remember to click on Update Metric Families.  Now you should see data after several polls.