Data Repository won't start
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Data Repository won't start


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The data repository won't start.  The following message is seen when starting from adminTools

*** Starting database: drdata ***
* Database config synchronization step failed. Please check logs *
Could not login with SSH to host

Could not login with SSH to host xx.xx.xx.xx

        Starting nodes:
                v_drdata_node0001 (
                v_drdata_node0002 ( ***UNAVAILABLE***
                v_drdata_node0003 ( ***UNAVAILABLE***
The cluster is partitioned with, down.  Over half (2/3) of the nodes must be available.
Database start up failed.  Cluster partitioned.
Press RETURN to continue


CAPM 3.x


Passwordless ssh is no longer working


Every node must be passwordless ssh into every other node to start the database and into itself

Run the following command to confirm: ssh [email protected]<remotehost> ls

If any of the nodes prompt for a password than passwordless ssh is not working

Run ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ [email protected]<remotehost> and then once again try ssh [email protected]<remotehost> ls.  It should no longer prompt for a password

Once every node is successfully configured for passwordless ssh you should no longer see "Could not login with SSH to host xx.xx.xx.xx" when starting the database from adminTools and the database should attempt to start

Additional Information

For additional information please refer to the following documentation