Inspection view data not loaded for user with only "View VSE Dashboard" permission.
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Inspection view data not loaded for user with only "View VSE Dashboard" permission.


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CA Application Test


As per below documentation link, can see that "View VSE Dashboard" should allow the user to monitor the VSE that includes the inspection view of the VS as that option can be seen enabled for the running services. However, when opening the transaction view, it doesn't load the transactions and shows empty tables.

Tested this by creating a user with only "View VSE Dashboard" permission. Looks like this privilege is not working as described in documentation.

portal-grails log gives below error:

2020-05-21 14:17:19,517Z (19:47) [qtp879425411-26225] ERROR org.grails.web.errors.GrailsExceptionResolver - RetrofitError occurred when processing request: [GET] /devtest/api/sv/vse/service/inspectionData/VSE/webservices-vs
401 Unauthorized. Stacktrace follows:
retrofit.RetrofitError: 401 Unauthorized
    at retrofit.RetrofitError.httpError(

Registry log gives below error :

2020-05-21 14:17:19,500Z (19:47) [qtp1870159331-28043] INFO  com.itko.lisa.invoke.resource.InvokeExceptionMapper - Exception is handled.
com.itko.lisa.invoke.api.exception.NoPermissionException: No permission to perform this operation.
    at com.itko.lisa.invoke.ResponseConverter.canUserPreformThisActivity(


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Application Test


A patch has been prepared with fix for the reported issue. Please open a NEW support case referring defect id DE462615 and follow the steps below to apply the same:

NOTE: The patch is needed only on Registry machine

Steps to apply:

1. Stop Registry service
2. Copy and place the file "api-10.6.0.war" in the folder "LISA_HOME\webserver\patches". If this folder doesnt exist, please create the same
3. Start registry service
4. PLease check and let us know if the reported issue is addressed with the patch