ACF2 Query on PTF SO13163 applicability


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Received hiper notification for APAR #: SO13163, but need to seek clarification on whether it's applicable to us.
We do not have TAMZ, so I'm reasonably sure the problem caused by SO06579 should not occur as we cannot use TAMZ to perform ELEVATION.
As for the problem caused by SO10599, it doesn't mention TAMZ, so unsure about that one.  Although the Description for SO10599 was "FIX ACF04RSV TAMZ ROLE ELEVATION STORAGE PROBLEMS"

Can you please clarify if SO13163 is applicable for us since we do NOT have TAMZ. 



Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


Regarding your concerns about APAR #: SO13163, if you’re not going to use our TAM/z ELEVATION then you don’t need to apply APAR #: SO13163.

The problem was introduced when the role Elevate subcommand was used causing problems in the ACF04RSV resource.
The role Elevation process is a function within TAM/z.