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CA Spectrum


This document is a collection of helpful Troubleshooting docs to assist in managing Spectrum. 


Release : 10.2 and up

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER, OneClick Server, DSS, Fault Tolerant, Production, Development



Using Support.Broadcom.com:

How to Use and search Broadcom CA Technologies Software Product Documentation

Searching for Knowledge


Troubleshooting Guides :

Pre-upgrade check

Installation steps and troubleshooting

Recover a downed SpectroSERVER

Recover Archive Manager

Troubleshooting OneClick login:

How To Allocate Tomcat memory

DDM & SRM database cleanup

How to manage ports

Handling Excessive Reconfigurations (performance)

NCM capture SSH troubleshooting

Troubleshoot SNMPv3

Troubleshoot Online Backup failure, hang ups

Simulate SNMP device for testing purposes


For Support: 

Case Management FAQ

How to collect performance logs

How to collect Server logs (Recommend to provide logs on new cases)

How to gather SNMP WALK of a network device