.NET shows Namespace as Endpoint?
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.NET shows Namespace as Endpoint?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE DX Application Performance Management


Suppose you have the following scenario:

- The application owner is complaining from an external backend URL that is being shown with the wrong name.
- An application called "test", with the hostname server S1IISP36.
- Inside the path of the backend, we can see below entry being mounted.

*SuperDomain*|S1IISP36|.NET Process|Test|Backends|WebService at http_//S1IISD08(Suppressed for this document)

- If we click on the traces tab, to look for any problem we can see:

- Here we can see the URL http_//S1IISD08/ being called.
- The application owner said that "S1IISD" If visible, should be with the name "S1IISP" and not as currently showing. This is because S1IISD is part of another infrastructure and should not be under S1IISP.
- If we go to the application manifest, we can see "S1IISD" being declared inside "targetNamespace" inside this application infrastructure:

And also the desired application owner name being declared inside "EndpointReference" which they want to see inside Investigator:

- The Application owner is saying that the Investigator should show the name backend URL as below, which is declared in the above image for "EndpointReference" instead of the current value of:

"http_//S1IISD08/(Suppressed for this document) Autorizador(Suppressed for this document)

Application owner thinks that should appear as:

://s2iisg01(Suppressed for this document) Autorizador/Service

Question is:
.NET Agent understand the declared targetNamespace as EndpointReference?


Application Performance Management .NET Agent 10.7
NET framework 4.0


Application Performance Management .NET Agent will show any external call and mount as backend as the application is written, it means that "http_//S1IISD08/" is an external call and for that reason, Introscope will mount it exactly as the namespace is defined in the application manifest. Introscope will not mount the nodes based in the code written as "EndpointReference".

S1IISD08 is listed in a web service namespace under Backends for agent metrics from the S1IISP36 agent instance. This indicates that the monitored application "Test" on S1IISP36 had made a call to a backend service endpoint on S1IISD08.  This was intended to help to show trace from the web service client perspective.