SiteMinder Policy Server Version: Version: 12.8; Update: 02.00; Build: 1992 AdminUI install issue


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SM ADMIN UI was giving error and we are trying to run the re-register the ADMIN UI with SMPS following the instructions from link below:

Still we are not able to authenticate the siteminder user to the admin ui using the password we are using to run XPSRegClient somehow so need your help to resolve this issue further.

SiteMinder Policy Server Version: Version: 12.8; Update: 02.00; Build: 1992; CR: 00;




Release : 12.8



Additional Information

The CA SSO team recentlymade a minor modification to the 12.8.02 version of the product.
The change is solely and specifically in the 12.8.02 Administrative Interface.
The change removes a defect that some customers reported about the installation of the
Administrative Interface failing in specific deployment environments.

The new kit with that single change in the code is available here:
CA Support site –

The previous kit that is being updated was visible at the link with this identifying information
The updated kit that resolves the single issue is at the link with the new identifying information

SS07186 – CA SSO Policy Server r12.8 SP02 SS07352 – CA SSO Policy Server 12.8 SP02
(the build number of the Admin UI once
installed is 1993)