Setting SSM UP status for task with no messages produced
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Setting SSM UP status for task with no messages produced


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Implementing SSM (I know, finally) and currently running in PASSIVE mode. We are running the SYSVIEW local 3270 driver device interface task to access SYSVIEW via VTAM. It runs as a started task but produces absolutely NO system messages except the IEF403I started message.
I have SSM set up with MSG IEF403I under the Activation Completion Event fields in SSM Activation entry. However, this is not setting the state to UP.
Wondering how you set a task to UP when no messages are produced?


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


With no further messages being written by the SYSVIEW 3270 Device Driver Interface other than the STARTED and STOPPED messages, the best methodology to implement SSM control would be via the API calls made by that interface.   However, at this time the 3270 Device Driver Interface does not make use of an API.   Therefore, the only way to manage this interface using the System State Manager would be via the IEF403I STARTED and IEF404I STOPPED messages generated by the interface job.