Question about circuit missing from CAPC


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We have a customer circuit that is not being brought into CAPC.  We can see that CAPC can reach and access the Juniper MX router, as well as the ae interface as other circuits from the interface display in CAPC. 

Could you please investigate how CAPC collects the data and determine what actions the CAPC application is performing for this specific interface?

Circuit present on the Data Aggregator is not present in CAPC 

Circuit not getting synced from the data aggregator to the Performance center. 


We had 2 interfaces from DA for that 1 index and itemid


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


We had 2 interfaces from DA for that 1 index and itemid. So it was syncing the not present one. WE delete this item and the new item synced to the DA. Engineering assistance is required to correct this.

Please contact support and open a ticket.