Adding new devices; is a REFRESH required?
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Adding new devices; is a REFRESH required?


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VM:Tape for z/VM


We need to update our VMTAPE CONFIG file to add new tape drives.
Do we have to run VMTAPE REFRESH after?


Release : 2.0

Component : CA VM:Tape for zVM


A REFRESH is not required when adding new DEVICE records.

A VMTAPE REFRESH should be performed after making changes such as POOL file changes or adding a new tape SERIES.

If adding new DEVICE records to the configuration, a REFRESH is not required.

Additional Information

Use the DEVICE record to identify to VM:Tape the tape drives it manages.
VM:Tape rechecks the availability of tape drives each time it allocates a drive. VM:Tape dynamically determines which drive is associated with an ARM location and checkpoints this information, preserving the location to be used in a recovery situation.

So, you can END VMTAPE, add your new DEVICE records and bring the server back up after.