User password change for LDAP user from Portal
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User password change for LDAP user from Portal


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We have integrated IAM with LDAP. The users has been imported from LDAP.
Once the user logs into Portal, he sees a change password option available in User Settings. If he change the password here, will it affect the centralised ldap password for user?


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


LDAP details which is configured in Devtest is with read-only access.
So, if we change password from Devtest, it will not be updated on LDAP. To Change LDAP password,  you need to work with your LDAP Admin. We do not store LDAP passwords.  When you login , authentication is done with your LDAP server and not with IAM Database. 

So, this change password is not applicable for LDAP users. We have not disabled this option based LDAP users. So, you can ignore this change password functionality for LDAP users.