Upgrading macOS 10.15 and above to Symantec Endpoint Security 14.3 or higher
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Upgrading macOS 10.15 and above to Symantec Endpoint Security 14.3 or higher


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This guide provides the steps to upgrade your macOS 10.15 clients to Endpoint Security 14.3 or higher. If you have an older NortonLifeLock (NLOK) package already installed, this will need to be uninstalled first. The Symantec Endpoint Security installer will prompt to remove this older version.


1: In the cloud console, on the Endpoint Security tab, go to Settings > Installation Package.
2: Download a package with the Installation Type: Installation package creator

3: Go to your Downloads folder and locate the zipped SEP_package_downloader.zip file.
4: Copy this file to your Mac client, preferably to an easy to reach location such as the Desktop.
5: Double click the SEP_package_downloader.zip zipped file on your Mac client to extract it. Then open the newly-created folder.
6: Double-click the downloader tool to run the Symantec Downloader.
7: If an older version is detected, click OK.

8: If access to control “Finder” is required, click OK.

9: If system extensions need to be removed, click Continue.

10: After the system extensions are removed, the Symantec Endpoint Protection Uninstall dialog box will appear. Click Uninstall.

11: When the uninstall finishes, click Restart Now to reboot your Mac client.
12: After the reboot, the downloader tool should automatically start. If it does not, please double-click it to run it again.
13: Begin the installation package download.
14: Click Save As to select or create a folder for saving the package. The package includes the fsdmanifest.js and Symantec Endpoint Protection.UniversalESD_RI.pkg files. These files must remain together for the installation.
15: Follow the installation wizard to install Symantec Endpoint Security 14.3 or higher.
16: When the installation finishes, reboot your Mac client a second time.
17: Follow the final settings wizard to configure Symantec Endpoint Security.


Issue: The uninstall does not finish (step 10)
1: Kill the Uninstall application and reboot you Mac client.
2: After the reboot, the Uninstall dialog box and the Symantec Endpoint Security installer will open again.

3: In the Uninstall dialog box, click Uninstall once more to finalize uninstalling the old version of Symantec Endpoint Protection.
4: Continue with step 11.