xendesktop probe - cannot connect to Citrix delivery controller
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xendesktop probe - cannot connect to Citrix delivery controller


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have deployed xendesktop probe and configured the profile with the details of the xendesktop controller. The probe is running on the delivery controller it self and localhost key is set to "true."

When we validate the connection in the Admin Console , the below message is displayed " Message: Profile failed verification due to error (12) login failed, Not able to connect to server.
Resolution: Please check your connection details and retry.
Error Code: VM-001 "


Release : Any UIM release

Component : UIM - XENDESKTOP

Xendesktop Probe : 4.24
Citrix Xenapp 7.15
xendesktop probe running on the same server (delivery controller)

Below steps have been already performed:

1. Verified Winrm : Get-ExecutionPolicy - and it is set as "RemoteSigned"
2. winrm : get winrm/config/service - Kerberos set as "true"
3. winrm : get winrm/config/service - Allowunencrypted set as "true"
4. User is part of the Local Administrator group & Performance Log Users group
5.  User has proper privileges in citrix studio
6. Able to launch citrix studio with the same user on the delivery controller.


- xendesktop probe configuration parameter, and special characters in the password.
- Ampersand (%) character in the password was not being handled correctly hence the password appeared truncated in the log.


1. In the xendesktop profile configuration we changed the localHost setting to false.

2. Based on the other error we were seeing in the xendesktop log which seemed to indicate that the password contained special characters and the probe was not able to parse the entire string without error (see below):

May 21 18:35:41:212 [attach_socket, xendesktop] Stream :winrm identify -r:http:/example:nnnn -u:'xxxxxy\Zznnnn9' -p:'xxxxxx-m
May 21 18:35:42:713 [attach_socket, xendesktop] ErrorStream :'~nxxZ$'' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
May 21 18:35:42:713 [attach_socket, xendesktop] ErrorStream :operable program or batch file.
May 21 18:35:42:713 [attach_socket, xendesktop] ErrorStream :The batch file cannot be found.

We then tested the connection using a different domain/xendesktop user with a password that had NO special characters and the connection was successful. The other controller was then removed from the filter in the probe profile, and after being saved, both controllers were now visible/discovered by the probe.