Rally: Query regarding the Color field of Portfolio Item
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Rally: Query regarding the Color field of Portfolio Item


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Currently in Rally,  the color field consists of color values.
1. Dark Blue
2. Blue
3. Green
4. Purple
5. Pink 
6. Burnt Orange
7. Orange
8. Yellow
9. Grey
Since this is the system field, can the user add any additional color values in this field?  [From UI or at the field level]

Is there any chance that the Rally team can/might add the extra color values in the Color field apart from this available set of values? 

Since this field looks like a lookup field from UI, when we fire the API query for this field, does it provides the 'Hex' code for the particular selected color value?. So each and every time if we select one color value then the same 'Hex' value will get a return by Rally?

 If we select 'Blue' color and API returns the 'X' as hex code. So any time if we select the Blue color then API will provide 'X' as hex code?  Or any other Hex will return by Rally for 'Blue' color? 


Release : SAAS



Rally only supports the colors that were present in the color field. No new colors are supported. Basically you can fetch the color value based on the Hex received from the Rally API.

Yes, there is a chance from the Rally product management team can add new colors to the color field but the request should be created from feedback directly via in-app feedback!.

Below are the only supported colors & their HEX values.