UIM - Alarms still visible from removed devices
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UIM - Alarms still visible from removed devices


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We're still seeing alarms in the alarm view from devices that have been removed from UIM, with prevent rediscovery set to on.
Despite I have removed a device from discovery I can still see alarms in USM and IM. If I have also set the "prevent rediscovery" option, why are these alarms still showing? 


Release : 9.2.0

Component : USM


The alarms contain "discovery related information" that link the alarms to the devices (such as dev_id, and met_id) however, they are created independently and regardless what the current inventory is. 
If you remove a device from discovery and then prevent the rediscover, nothing prevents - if there is an active profile running for a specific VM - the probe to send a message for a certain device.

If you want to avoid the message to be seen you will need to delete the source, edit the profile, disable the monitor or alternatively you can create an exclude rule for the alarm within the NAS.

If you only prevent discovery itis not expected that any alarm is suppressed.
It will certainly not show in the device-specific Alarm views  (as there is no device) but it will be stored in the NAS and the in the DB and will, therefore, show in USM.