Exporting details of Agents from the Admin/Policy database
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Exporting details of Agents from the Admin/Policy database


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We're looking to download Web Agent and Agent for Siebel for our

environment to upgrade the existing ones, and we'd like to know an
easy way to know which Agent version is installed already on the

How can we get that information ?



Web Agent all versions


At first glance, on the OS, when a SiteMinder product is installed,

you should find a repository called :


In this one, you should find a file called :


in which you'll find the component name and its version.

To give a sample. The Web Agent Option Pack 12.52SP1CR09 will have
that file name :


Old Web Agent version as 6SP5CR35 will show the file name :


More, in the latest AdminUI, you'll find a section that list the Agent
instances registered with the Policy Server :

   Infrastructure / Agents / Agent Instances :

   It provides a table like this one :

   | Host            | Type     | Subtype  |         Version | Trusted Host |
   | wa.training.com | WebAgent | APACHE24 | 12.52.0109.2620 | myWebAgent   |

Finally, on Linux and Unix systems, in the file :


you'll find the preceeding version installed and upgraded to the
current one.