AWA: Rapid Automation Solution Version vs RA Core Version
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AWA: Rapid Automation Solution Version vs RA Core Version


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When reviewing the Agent option in Administration, what is the difference between the Version and the Software Version, in relation to RA Agents?


All Rapid Automation (RA) Agents utilize a shared RA Core. The RA Core are the files placed on the OS that are what are started and connect to the Automation Engine (ucxjcitx.jar). The RA Solution is the specific solution directly loaded into the database that is then sent to the RA Core to cause it to be the appropriate RA Solution.

In the provided screenshot, all Agents with Platform of RA have listed:
The RA Core version as 'Version'
The RA Solution Version as 'Software Version' 


The RA Core Version is recommended to corresponded to the Automaton Engine version (ex. a 12.3.0 Automation Engine should have 12.3.0 RA Cores listed in Version).
The RA Solution is recommended to be the latest available for your Automation Engine version. This versioning will different between solutions.