Unable to update Staff OBS Units via XOG if multiple units have the same name
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Unable to update Staff OBS Units via XOG if multiple units have the same name


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


XOG xml has only staffOBSType and staffOBSUnit for Staff OBS Units of Team.
So, if multiple units had the same name, XOG cannot update Staff OBS Units correctly. 

1. Create Staff OBS like as below.

testOBS  --- OBS Name
  U1 --- Unit name=U1, id=U1
    U2 --- Child Unit, Unit name=U2, id=U2_2
  U2 --- Unit name=U2, id=U2

2. Set testOBS->U1->U2 project team staff as Staff OBS Unit.

3. XOGOUT this Project instance and check Resources.

<Resource availFrom="2019-06-12T08:00:00" availTo="2021-01-04T17:00:00" bookingStatus="5" capitalPercentage="0"
defaultAllocation="1" isProjectManager="false" lastUpdatedBy="sugsh02" lastUpdatedDate="2020-05-25T10:56:04"
openForTimeEntry="true" resourceID="id001" staffOBSType="testOBS" staffOBSUnit="U2">
<ColumnValue name="partition_code">NIKU.ROOT</ColumnValue>

Only staffOBSType and staffOBSUnit are available.
There is no way to change Staff OBS Unit from "testOBS->U1->U2" to "testOBS>U2" because both have the same name "U2".

Expected Result: staffOBSUnit needs full path to identify the units.
Actual Result: staffOBSUnit has only unit name and cannot identify the units if there are multiple units with same name.


Clarity PPM 15.6.x, 15.7.x



New defect opened DE55248.
SE (Sustaining Engineering) is currently reviewing it.