MSP Lightweight project error: 'Project not found' when trying to save back to Clarity
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MSP Lightweight project error: 'Project not found' when trying to save back to Clarity


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  • In the lightweight direction, the project won't save back from Microsoft Project (MSP) to Clarity, is this by design?
  • If you click save to try and save the "L" version of the project back, you get an error saying Failure Project not found in CA PPM.
  • Using save as, it gives you a brand new project ID, indicating a new project would be created altogether.


Release : 15.7.1 and higher

Component : CA PPM MICROSOFT PROJECT (MSP) Lightweight version


  • This is working by design.
  • The lightweight feature was designed to work similar to the function of "reporting" to distribute to stakeholders, so saving of the lightweight project is not possible.


  1. Important: Beware of impact if you do decide to save the locally downloaded copy of the project from Clarity
    • If you save the full copy back, data will be deleted including team/assignments as the lightweight version wasn't designed to import this type of data.
  2. The one option would be to switch the project schedule format in Clarity to bidirectional for the project.


Additional Information

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