Cannot get EJB Frontends or MDBs to show up in Team Center.
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Cannot get EJB Frontends or MDBs to show up in Team Center.


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I am testing our Introscope upgrade to 10.7 SP3 and have successful set up my cluster and agents.  I can see web-based transactions and create Experience Cards and such in Team Center for HTTP traffic/servlets/ inferred backends/etc.

However,  I do not see any EJBs at all. 

I would expect that from a servlet frontend, I should see any EJBs (EJB 3.1 Session beans) that are called by the Servlet show up in the map, but they do not.  The EJB calls are present in the transaction traces that are visible in the Investigator view, but they are not shown in the map.   

Because I can see the EJBs under Frontends/App/MyEJB in the investigator view and in the transactions, I would also expect them to show up somewhere in the map.

Also, I cannot see any way to display Message Driven Beans (EJB 3.1) in Team Center.  I have used response time based transaction traces to try to get them shown in Team Center but there seems to be no indication that it even recognizes the application that is running the MDBs at all.   A large percentage of our workload is MDBs so can you please clarify how I might include the MDBs for analysis in Team Center? 

Our agents are 10.7-SP3 on WebSphere, IBM JDK 8, zOS 2.3, using AgentNoRedefNoRetrans.jar and legacy mode tracers. The EMs are all at 10.7-SP3.




Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


Currently in 10.7 SP3, we do not support an agent that is using asynchronous messaging (via Message Driven Bean EJBs) to show up in Team Center. This would be an Enhancement Request as it requires code changes to the current design of the product.

Please go to the site below to create an Enhancement Request (be sure to select "DX Application Performance Management") so that Product Management can track the request.