FORMATLULN patch for FDM 4.9
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FORMATLULN patch for FDM 4.9


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Can you please share the following patch
""The Enhancement US652742, has been delivered in FastDataMasker-, which contains the modified FORMATLUHN function. 
If you are running an older release of Fast Data Masker, and need this enhancement, please open a support case, and request the latest release of Fast Data Masker (version or greater).""

Please note my current FDM version is :

Questions :

1) Please confirm if FDM version which will you share will have all the latest enhancements, for example HASHSIN etc?

2) Can you also please confirm if FORMATLUHN and HASHSIN will also be available in current/latest MF installation version?
Please note: since the client is about to start production masking but would like to confirm if these 2 algorithms (FORMATLULN) and HASHSIN will be available on MF (current version) and FDM (current version) as this will impact consistent masking.

3) How can I handle exclusion of first digit for FORMATLUHN (and still maintaining check digit) while doing MF masking (in FDM it is straightforward)?



Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager




Patch or later. (in FDM 4.9, fixed in FDM 4.10)

Steps to apply patch:

1. Take a backup copy of your FDM directory folder. By default, this will be located at C:\Program Files\Grid-Tools\FastDataMasker.
2. Open the file.
3. Double-click on the ‘setup_FastDataMasker.exe’ installation file.
4. Continue through the installation wizard steps to complete the upgrade.
5. Restart FDM.
6. Retest the scenario.

Instruction for using FORMATLUHN:

Let’s suppose that we have 1234567890 as our input.

Start from position => Define the initial position to mask.
ex.: Start from position = 3, then we have 1297432113, where 12 wasn’t encrypted, 3456789 was encrypted to 9743211, and 0 was calculated as 3 to make the number valid.

Number of Digits to Mask => Define the number of digits to mask.
ex.: Number of Digits to Mask = 2, then we have 6834567894, where 3456789 will not be encrypted, 12 was encrypted to 68, and 0 was calculate as 4 to make the number valid.

Number of Last Digits to Mask => Define number of digits will be masked based in the end The last digit will not count.
ex.: Number of Last Digits to Mask = 2, then we have 1234567431, where 1234567 will not be encrypted, 89 was encrypted to 43, and 0 was calculate as 1 to make the number valid.

Start from position and Number of Digits to Mask can be used together.

If the Start from position or Number of Digits to Mask is defined, the number of Last Digits to mask shouldn’t be provided. In case you make it, the Last Digits to mask will be ignored.

This is for the Mainframe and has HASHSIN and FORMATLUHN Mainframe functions.

Additional Information

How to use FORMLUHN algorithm while masking MF file when I want to skip 1st digit . For example Making SIN number 123456789. I just Want to mask 234567889 while maintaining check digit.

You can use the substring functionality in the transformation maps to mask all the fields, but the first digit.

Do you have ACCT_01 algorithm available in mainframe environment? I see ACCT_01 being used for SQL on website but again its missing on MF link.->This should be straight forward I guess ?

ACCT01 is not presently available in the mainframe, will be creating a user story for this.