'Edit Assigned Tasks' not working in New UX - able to edit additional tasks
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'Edit Assigned Tasks' not working in New UX - able to edit additional tasks


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If you have the right "Project - Edit Assigned Tasks", once you are assigned to a Task within the New UX, you can edit any Task on the Project in the New User Experience (UX). This does not occur in the Classic Interface.


  1. Create a Resource that has rights to access the New UX, and view Projects.
  2. Assign the resource the Global Right "Project - Edit Assigned Tasks"
  3. In the New UX, create a project, and ensure there are Tasks.
  4. Add the Resource (created in Step 1) to the Team and assign the Resource to one of the Tasks.
  5. Log in with the Resource created in Step 1, access the Project and view the Task list.

Results: You can update any Task in the list, not just the Tasks you were assigned.

Another related behavior:

In step 2, if the Project Manager assigned performs this step from the Classic Interface, the new Resource will still be unable to edit the Task, even though they are assigned to it.


Release : All Supported


This issue is fixed in 16.0.1. Prior to 16.0.1: The New UX doesn't consider the "Project - Edit Assigned Tasks" right. The closest access right for Modern UX would be Project - Task Management, but this would grant you access to all tasks in the project, not just the tasks you are assigned. 

In 15.8.1 and lower:

The Project - Task Management right is granted when you assign a resource to a task in the Moder UX

Starting in 15.9

The Project - Task Management access right is no longer automatically granted. It must be manually assigned using the steps above. See New UX staff Access Rights no longer auto assigned in 15.9