Model name changed to IP address in Oneclick when VNA Integration is enabled.
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Model name changed to IP address in Oneclick when VNA Integration is enabled.


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CA Spectrum CA Virtual Network Assurance DX NetOps


While working with Spectrum engineering on some challenges with Spectrum and VNA integration we observed and recreated the following behavior. When VNA inventory sync occurs, for some models we are seeing the Model Name change to that of Meraki APs that are part of VNA inventory. 


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


- The Meraki APs are designated DHCP IP addresses by their controller, in this case in range
- there are existing ports on some CORE devices in Spectrum which also share DHCP address within range

- when Spectrum reconciles model inventory for integration like VNA, Spectrum uses IP address to search existing database . If the IP does not exist, a new model gets created. If the IP does exist, Spectrum will reconcile the model information. 

- in this case with DHCP poll addresses being assigned out, there is chance for Spectrum to find a IP match for two different model types. As part of the reconciliation, Spectrum is changing the model name of the wrong device due to a match on IP. 


- It is advised to change the DHCP IP address poll assignment to avoid duplicate IP match and prevent this from happening
- In this specific case, the Easiest way may be to reconfigure the DHCP poll assigned to the Meraki APs