Project missing dependencies when exported to MSP German
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Project missing dependencies when exported to MSP German


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Project dependencies not showing on projects exported to Microsoft Project (MSP).

MSP new driver is used and MSP installed in German language. Dependencies working fine when OS regional settings is changed to English. 

Project in PPM shows dependencies are intact:

The same project when exported to MSP looses the dependencies (This is the issue)

MSP interface setup instructions recommends that the same language setup for Microsoft Project, the MSP interface connector, Microsoft Windows, and Clarity PPM.

Windows Regional Settings must always match the language of your Microsoft Project installation. See TECHDOCS reference for detailed steps on setting Windows regional configuration.

Checks done on the workstation to ensure it is all German.

1. Check OS language setting from system tray. If more than one input language is set then German needs to be explicitly selected. 

2. OS locale and regional settings:

From command line DISM commands can be run to get more info on the language and local set on the OS.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>dism /online /get-intl

Tool zur Imageverwaltung für die Bereitstellung
Version: 10.0.17134.1

Abbildversion: 10.0.17134.1006

Bericht zu internationalen Onlineeinstellungen wird generiert

Standardmäßige Benutzeroberflächensprache des Systems : cs-CZ
Fallback für die Benutzeroberflächensprache : en-US
Systemgebietsschema : de-DE
Standardzeitzone : Central Europe Standard Time
Aktive Tastaturen(en) : 0407:00000407, 0405:00000405, 0409:00000409
Überlagerter Tastaturtreiber : Erweiterte PC/AT-Tastatur (101/102 Tasten)

Installierte Sprache(n): cs-CZ
  Typ: Teilweise lokalisierte Sprache, MUI-Typ.
  Fallbacksprachen en-US
Installierte Sprache(n): de-de
  Typ: Teilweise lokalisierte Sprache, MUI-Typ.
  Fallbacksprachen cs-CZ, en-US
Installierte Sprache(n): en-US
  Typ: Vollständig lokalisierte Sprache.
Der Vorgang wurde erfolgreich beendet.

PPM account settings setup for German language and locale.


This KB applies to Clarity PPM 15.7.1 Microsoft Project Interface 


Reinstalling CA PPM Microsoft Project interface.

The dependencies are looking good when exported to MSP