Common Storage Not Released at End of Job 
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Common Storage Not Released at End of Job 


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We ran into a problem the other day. A job abended and left a very large amount of Orphaned SQA (Below the line). So much we had to IPL and get it back to avboid an unscheduled IPL.
While reviewing storage after the IPL we noticed the amount of storage RMF that show's up under the category of "UN-released storage at the end of the job" for CAS9 & ENF
We would like to understand this. The storage above the line is not such an issue, but below is.
CAS9 does not appear to leave any below the line behind. EFN shows "1960" being left behind.
Can you please explain what this storage is? (In use or is it actually left behind storage).


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


CA-1 has already moved many modules above the line for CSA. You can see what is loaded into ECSA and CSA if you look at the startup of CA90s for CA-1. We list all modules loaded into ECSA and CSA.
During tape processing, approximately 8K of private storage is required for CA 1 SVC work areas (subpool 253). CA 1 also requires approximately 8K of extended Common Storage Area but might require more depending on the size of user specified tables. During initialization, CA 1 allocates memory in extended CSA equal to twice the block size of the Audit data set. Additional CSA and extended CSA is occupied if program L0E0INIT is utilized to dynamically reload CA 1 programs.
This is in our CA1 documentation at link: