CA View - Sysout Selection List panel width
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CA View - Sysout Selection List panel width


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Deliver View


Is it possible to increase the number of columns in the Sysout Selection List panel from 80 to 132 (or any value > 80)?
The SARINIT LANGUAGE parameter was changed from "RS" to "R", in order to support 32 character report names from Deliver.
There are some users who do not access the Deliver generated names, and they would like to see the extra columns that were visible when LANGUAGE was set to "RS".


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The View, and Deliver, online panels are 80 bytes in width and cannot be expanded.

There are some users who use a terminal setting that shows 132 columns, which could be used for browsing a report that wide, but the View panels would only fill up 60% of the screen, due to being 80 bytes in width.

Using the command "DEF USER" at the View Primary panel will take you to the User Definition list.
In the "L" column, for language, the value can be set to "R" for the English long panels, and a setting of "RS" is for the English short panels.