Failing BCIS database download
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Failing BCIS database download


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Failed to connect to; Server certificate expired or not valid yet


The system time is incorrect


In Maintenance>Service Information>Packet Captures, confirm all interfaces in both directions is chosen.
Run a packet capture with the following filter:
Start the packet capture
In Configuration>Content Filtering>Blue Coat, confirm BCIS is enabled in the menu.  If it is not and this is the service you intend to use, change this and apply.
Start download
Refresh status.  Confirm the last time stamp changed and failed with the same error.
Download and open the packet capture
Look for the Certificate packet and confirm the validity date:

All certificate validity dates are confirmed as valid as viewed by the certificate chain in the pcap.

Check system time:
For the Management Console go to Configuration>Clock
Update if needed
In the CLI:


proxy#show clock
proxy#config t
proxy#clock hour 0-23
proxy#clock minute 0-59
proxy#clock second 0-59
proxy#clock year 4 digit year
proxy#clock month 1-12
proxy#clock day 1-31

Update the trust package:


proxy#configure terminal

load trust-package